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MEPA Mountain treetop view at Mount Nebo Queensland Lookout near Mount Glorious


Mt Nebo & Mt Glorious Environment Protection Association



Protecting the Mt Nebo & Mt Glorious environment - Promoting awareness, understanding and enjoyment through education, discussion and community activities.

Our Vision


MEPA is a community association which aims to protect the local environment and to promote awareness, understanding and enjoyment of it through education, discussion and community activities.  The Association was formed some years ago by committed and active members of the community who were concerned by the environmental decline they saw around them.  It continues to be active within the community with ongoing projects, and outside the community advocating to advance the Association's interests.

A major concern to many on the Range is the invasion of feral plants and animals into the surrounding bushland and much of MEPA's activity focusses on weeding, with feral animal eradication undertaken primarily by State and Local Government authorities. This focus on weeds involves a long term Strategic Weed Partnership across the southern D'Aguilar Ranges.


MEPA also lobbies and works with other SEQ groups and Local and State Government agencies to improve environmental practices in our area, and seek special protection for habitats, species and individual plants and animals in our area.



Our History

MEPA was originally incorporated as "Mt. Nebo Environment Protection Association Inc." on 4th January 1990. The idea was put forward in July 1989 because a proposal for rezoning for subdivision of the block of land circling Forestry Road in Mt. Nebo had been advertised and an incorporated body was needed to fight an expected court case between the (then) Pine Rivers Shire Council and those objecting to the subdivision. Much work went into this battle until, after much effort and many meetings, the matter was settled out of court and the subdivision shelved.

MEPA's full name was changed on 19th April 1995 to "Mt. Nebo and Mt. Glorious Environment Protection Association Inc."

The Association has been involved in such projects as:

  • Weed eradication, developing a Strategic Weed Partnership that now includes all the significant land managers in the area (i.e. the community through MEPA, Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Brisbane City Council, Powerlink, Energex, Transport and Main Roads, and SEQ Catchments).

  • Research into "Fire as a Tool for Bush Regeneration" focussing on the local forest environment.

  • Environmental information sessions.

  • Guest speakers at the Mt. Nebo and Mt Glorious halls on topics such as spiders, dingoes, fire in the forest, wildlife in the area as well as on local council and government environmental policy and directions.

  • Developing a UNESCO Biosphere proposal for the D'Aguilar Range and surrounding areas. (When BCC, under Newman, pulled out at the last minute in 2008, the project was put "on ice".)

  • Raising awareness and lobbying to manage the risks Bell-Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD) poses to our high-value wet sclerophyll forests - now at serious risk and in need to appropriate fire regimes.

  • Heritage listing of Mt Glorious Village 1926 Macadamia "avenue planting" with Council (incl. commissioned arborist's report).

  • Ecological survey and preparation of documentation to list a local threatened species at State and Federal level.

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