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Cymbidium madidum

(Bulbed Snake Orchid)

This locally common epiphytic orchid is similar to Cymbidium suave but has a large bulbous rhizome at the base of the clump of strap-like leaves that characterise Australian Cymbidiums, rather than the rope-like stems from which suave leaves appear. It also has larger, tougher leaves than suave whose thinner leaves tend to arch more than the upright leaves of madidum.Plants (sometimes large) can be found emerging from tree-hollows (e.g. Bloodwoods or Casuarinas), sitting in tree forks (e.g. Ironbarks), or on the ground. The scented flowers appear in spring and early summer on long racemes. They are larger than the flowers of C. suave and are greenish suffused with brown. Plants are very hardy.

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