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Eradication of Crucifix Orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense)

Landscape Objective: Rehabilitate native grassland communities along Mt Nebo Road. 

Background: A major component of MEPA's work is to restore native grassland communities within the road reserve along Mt Nebo Rd. Several large infestations of Crucifix Orchid had become established and prohibited native grassy understories from developing.


Implementation: Using local contractors engaged by MEPA, the infestations were manually removed and placed in black plastic. This aids in killing the growing tissue and preventing reestablishment.   

Delivery: Through careful manual removal and follow up visits the infestations have been eradicated. This has allowed native grasses to colonize the area and re-establish. (See "Before" and "After" photos below.)

Cruc. before.JPG
Cruc. after.JPG
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