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Eradication of Lantana (Lantana camara) 

Landscape Objective: Rehabilitate rainforest communities along Mt Glorious Road. 

Background: MEPA sought funding from Transport and Main Roads to eliminate Lantana along the road reserve bordering rainforest from the village of Mt Glorious to Tennison Woods Mountain (approx. 8kms). Roadside disturbance over the years had allowed Lantana to invade to roadside, prohibiting the recovery of the rainforest along the road. 


Implementation: Using local contractors engaged by MEPA and MEPA volunteers, the Lantana was removed manually and hard-to-access plants were killed using some low-toxicity herbicide (as a one-off application).


Delivery: Through careful removal and follow up visits the Lantana has been eradicated from the village of Mt Glorious all the way to Tennison Woods. This has allowed the rainforest species to re-colonize the area and re-establish.    

The first pair of photos below show an area near Alex Rd. The second pair below show an area at Tennison Woods.

5 - Pre.jpg
3 - Pre.jpg
5 - Post.jpg
3 - Post.jpg
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