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Mt Glorious Community Association

Representing the residents of Mt Glorious, the Association's constitution cites the following as its objects: 

(a) To advance the legitimate interests of its members;  
(b) To protect the natural beauty, the flora and fauna of Mt Glorious; 
(c) To promote understanding in the wider community of South-East Queensland of the unique and sensitive nature of the rainforest closest to Brisbane; and
(d) To enhance the spirit of friendly solidarity among its members.

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Mt Nebo Residents Association

Representing the residents of Mt Nebo, the Association's constitution cites the following as its objects: 
(a) To provide, maintain, and repair the Mt Nebo Residents' Association hall and ancillary buildings;  
(b) To supply and maintain amenities, furniture and fittings therein; 
(c) To maintain and improve the grounds upon which the said hall stands and being more particularly described as Subdivision 1 of Portion 145 on Plan Catalogue No. 63752 in the County of Stanley Parish of Samford containing an area of one acre, and being the land contained in Certificate of Title No. 476769 Volume 2426 Folio 9; 
(d) To encourage good citizenship and civic pride within the area; 
(e) To endeavour to ensure that at all times adequate community services and amenities are provided by the relevant authorities and distributed as equitably as possible over the whole area; 
(f) To co-operate with all other Council bodies and, where deemed necessary, to submit constructive proposals in the furtherance of the objects of the organisation; 
(g) To confer or co-operate with any other public organisation having similar aims in the furtherance of its objects.

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Mt Nebo & Mt Glorious Environment Protection Association Inc.

We are a community association which aims to protect the local environment, and to promote awareness, understanding and enjoyment of it through education, discussion and community activities.  The association was formed some years ago by committed and active members of the community who were concerned by the environmental decline they saw around them.  It continues to be active in the community, with regular meetings, talks and organized activities.

A major concern to many on the Range is the invasion of feral plants and animals into the surrounding bushland and much of MEPA's activity focusses on weeding, with feral animal eradication undertaken primarily by State and Local Government authorities.  This focus on weeds involves hands-on practical eradication, input into discussion at Local and State Government levels on appropriate land use and land management, and requests to Local, State and Federal funding bodies for assistance in this ongoing battle.

For further information on MEPA, its meetings and activities, or just advice on what to plant, what not to plant and how to control weeds email MEPA at:


Visual arts

The Mountain abounds with residents that have an interest in or are practitioners of a variety of visual arts. There is also a tradition of success in Council and other art awards. The Mt Glorious Community Association currently showcases local artists through their "Art With Altitude" November art exhibition. Those interested in meeting like-minded locals really just need to keep their eyes out for one of the variety of opportunities for joining in.


Performing Arts

Peace & Choir is (from their website) "an a cappella choir originating for the enjoyment of the Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious communities located 35 minutes from the CBD of Brisbane.  Over the 15 years of music making the choir has grown to include members from the surrounding areas including the Samford valley and Brisbane suburbs. We are a community choir that welcomes everyone.  As such there is no audition as we adhere to the principle that everyone has a voice that can contribute to the whole in a positive way. Our repertoire is drawn from diverse vocal and cultural traditions as well as contemporary music. We regularly perform at local community events at Mt Nebo and can frequently be heard at events and festivals throughout South East Queensland."


Other performing arts groups on the mountain have included the Mountain Creative Artz group and the Mountain Theatre Company.


(If there are any groups that would like inclusion here, just get in touch -



Sporting activites associated with the mountain community include football, cricket, tennis, table tennis and fishing down at Wivenhoe and Somerset dams. Notable amongst the mountain's sporting groups is the Mountain Mongrels cricket team. 

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